3 Tips For TIG Welding Beginners

TIG welding is much different as compared to other types of welding. It requires lots of practice and patience to master TIG welding. It  has certain features that set it apart and make it better than other welding types.

Here are some of the best tips that you can follow when using a TIG welder and learning the skill of TIG welding. For a more detailed look, you can read detailed review here.

Clean Everything

TIG is not like other types of welding. It requires you to properly clean the surface of any material that you might be working with. So, make sure the surface of your work material is perfectly clean before you start the welding process.

For this, you can also invest in multiple brushes to clean different metal surfaces when working with them.

Regrind If You Touch It Into The Puddle

Learning not to touch the tungsten to into the puddle can be a really frustrating part of learning TIG welding. If you touch the tungsten tip into the puddle, it gets contaminated. Now, you must regard the tips before using it again.

If you do not regrind, it will be very difficult to retain the arc. So, try to never touch the puddle with your tungsten tip, as it might affect the things badly.

How to Keep Your Productivity Up

Since TIG welding is very hard to master, beginners usually get distracted when learning the technique. This cause them to forget what they have just learned. So, there are certain methods that you can adopt to keep your productivity up when learning TIG welding.

One of the best tips is keeping extra ground tungsten tips around. This way, you can start with the next one right away if one gets contaminated. Additionally, you should also clean and assemble all the needed pieces near you to avoid distractions while working.