Ask These Questions When Hiring an Accountant For Your Business

One thing your must do before hiring an accountant for your business is interviewing him, and asking him some important questions. This is necessary because the accountant you’re going to hire will be aware of all the financial secrets of your business, and he’ll be responsible of giving you good or bad advice in taxes.

Asking the right questions is very important in this process. Below mentioned are some questions, and the answers that you’d expect from the other end.

How Much Will You Charge?

Before hiring an accountant or an accounting firm, ask them about their billing procedure and how much they’ll charge you for their services. Usually, you can choose between the hourly and monthly fees depending on the nature of the work you’ll getting from them.

Ask them about the services included in their billing details, as the list might vary depending on the firm you’re hiring. Don’t use the rates to judge a firm right away, but use them to calculate how much you’ll paying them.

Ask For a List of Their Services

Most if the CPA firms provide a wide range services, almost every service that a business ever needs. These services include bookkeeping, financial recording, tax, payroll and some others.

Ideally, the firm you choose should have specialists and experts of every different field of accounting. Firms like The ACT Group fall under this category.

Will They Help You in Audits?

Individual accountants, as well as the CPA firms are usually capable of representing their clients before the IRS in case of an audit.

Before hiring a form or an individual, ask them about the number times they’ve helped their client in an audit. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get audited every time, but this is still a nice question to ask just in case the IRS decides to head towards your business.