Ask These Questions When Setting Up an Urgent Care Appointment

Since there are thousands of urgent care clinics available in the country, you are more than likely to find one close to your home as well. These clinics are your best option if you do not have an emergency. These clinics are mostly preferred by people who cannot set an appointment with their primary healthcare provider, or an ER.

So, if you are looking to visit And urgent care clinic, you can ask these questions. Getting more information through these questions will allow you to get the best urgent medical care for your medical needs.

Do You Even Need an Appointment?

A majority of urgent care clinics do not even require you to get an appointment. Usually, urgent care clinics operate on first come first serve basis. A good thing about these clinics is that they also operate on weekends, but only for limited hours.

If you are not sure about the business hours of an urgent care clinic near you, you can call and ask them this question.

Who Will Examine You?

Urgent care clinics do not necessarily have medical doctors, as they can also employer other healthcare providers to help you depending on your specific medical needs. However, every good urgent care clinic make sure that they employ the most experienced medical service providers to provide their patience with the best services.

However, it is still important to understand who will be examining you, and how much experience they have in the specific field you are looking to get their help in.

What Will Be The Wait Time?

While I majority of urgent care clinics will provide you with services within an hour, they can also get rushed, and your weight time might get increased a little. So, always ask the clinic about their wait time before visiting.