Benefits And Risks of Testosterone Therapy

You must weight the risks and benefits of choosing the testosterone therapy if you’re looking for this therapy to keep yourself young and healthy even after your teenage and early adulthood years. Testosterone therapy is one of the best things for you if you’re looking to restore the quantity of testosterone in your body. However people seem to have many misconceptions about this therapy. That’s why it is very important to know all the pros and cons of this process.

While this therapy does work, it’s health benefits still aren’t clear.

Can Testosterone Therapy Really Help?

While testosterone therapy can really help men with hypogonadism, its benefits for old, healthy men are still unclear. However, many aged men say that they feel younger after taking a testosterone booster like Maxulin (lågt testosteron med behandling för brist), however, there isn’t enough research data to support or decline this claim.

Testosterone therapy does help in increasing testosterone level and helping men get more sex drive. It can also help with functions like vitality and energy.

Risks of Testosterone Therapy For Normal Aging

While it is very beneficial in a lot of things, testosterone therapy can still cause lots of risks. Here are some of the main risks of testosterone therapy.

  • It might cause sleep apnea. In that disease, yoir breathing will rapidly start and stop while sleeping.
  • It can cause acne and other skin related problems.
  • It can increase the amount of red blood cells produced in the body. This increases the risk of forming blood clots.
  • It can limit sperm production.
  • It might enlarge your breasts.
  • It might stimulate the noncancerous growth of prostate.

Some studies also mention that testosterone therapy can also cause an increase in risk of heart diseases. However, more study is needed to support or deny any of these claims.