Best Things to Do in Riverside (CA)

Riverside CA is a gorgeous city with a rich cultural and historical significance. For those looking for a beautiful vacation spot where you get to enjoy luxurious establishment while also exploring the depth of the history of South California, Riverside is the place to be. The city itself promotes tourism and has various spots designed to enhance your experience. Some of these include the following must visit places in the city:

The Mission Inn Hill Hotel And Spa

What started off as a 12 bedroom boarding house in 1876 evolved over time to become one of the most luxurious establishment in the area. This hotel is known for its breathtaking aesthetic. With the increase in the popularity of the city, this establishment rose up to cater to the high profile guests who often visited the area. It has at different points in history housed 10 US presidents in its gorgeous rooms. Be sure to check it out for an experience fit for a president.

The Rides at Castle Park

Established in 1976, this park promises a full day of fun an engagement for people of all ages. Evolving into the wonder it is today, it now houses 27 different ride and four miniature golf courses.

Riverside Metropolitan Museum

Contains over 100,000 artifacts, this museum provides an in-depth look into the rich history of the area. For the low cost of $0 you can go an enjoy the rich culture of riverside.

The California Citrus State Historic Park

This park opened in 1984 and covers over 248 acres of land. It embodies the history of what is considered California’s second “gold rush” which came in form of citrus. The park id 1900’s themed and has an activity area, picnic spots and an amphitheater for you to enjoy.

The Fox Performing Arts Center

This is one of the oldest theatres in the area and is housed inside a Spanish Colonial Revival style building.

Riverside National Cemetery

Housing 228000 graves of the brave who lost their lives in world war I and II, this cemetery is a popular place for those looking to pay respects to the heroes of our nation.

Mount Rubidoux Hike

Not only does this mountain provide a beautiful hike and a breathtaking view, it also known for being place the first Ester Sunrise Service was held in the United states.

The Riverside Art Museum

This building was designed by Julia Morgan and is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the city. It houses exhibits of both modern and contemporary art.

Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside

Built in 1892, this gothic building is a beautiful testament to the area’s aesthetic and history.

Entomology Research Museum

This establishment contains about 4 million insect sample which are distinct and interesting. It also holds lectures and seminars for those interested.

Heroes Restaurant And Brewery

Owned by John Novotny, this restraint has an in-house brewery which prepares fresh beer for you to enjoy with your meal.