Biggest Mistakes That Culinary Students Make When Choosing A Knife

Good knife training is one of the best skills that a chef should master. In this category of culinary arts, the students and future chefs should learn how to properly handle a knife to work with the given materials. Using a knife safely is the key to being safe in the kitchen, and it can be more difficult than you might think it is.

Here are some of the most common knife handling mistakes that culinary students and beginner level chefs make, and how you can  easily avoid them. No matter if you have one of the top-rated knives in the world or just an ordinary one, you can’t use them unless you know how to handle them properly.

Safe Handling

Knife wounds are usually common in the households, so, you should know how to handle a sharp knife safely in the kitchen to avoid knife wounds while working. Holding the knife in a safe manner with your thumb and index finger is important to stay safe while working with the knife. Make back and forth movements with your knife as you cut the materials.

Keep Them In A Safe Place

You guessed it! Having knives and children in the same house can be dangerous. So, you’ll need to secure your knifes and keep them away from the reach of your kids. This is usually easy to implement if you invest in a magnetic knife board to secure your knifes on a high location on your wall.

Don’t Use A Damaged Knife

Never use a dull and/ or damaged knife. Dull knifes will require you to put more force to cut the food. So, they can slip out of your hands and cut you instead of the food.

That is why you should either throw the damaged knifes away, or get them repaired form somewhere.