Camping in Safety: Preventing Poisonous Snake Bites

Currently we are in the off season for general hunting, hiking, or camping trips, so this might be a good time to take stock of all your trip plans and gear. In a short few months Spring will hit and we will once again make our way to the familiar woods and forests and set up camp to enjoy being surrounded by mother nature. The only thing that brings a shadow to this wonderful plan is the potential danger of snakes sliding through the leaves and attempting to bite you or one of your loved ones along on the trip.

This is the exact reason that you need to be prepared with the best snake bite proof gears ready with you whenever you go to the great outdoors. One of the best things you can get if you do not want to invest in a proper snake bite proof boot is to get snake bite proof gaiters instead. You can use them along with any of your regular leather boots and you should be fine. Simply tie them along your leg just above the boot and that should give you protection from any snake that attempts to plunge at your legs from below.

These are good options as you may go out to camp and hike a lot but already have boots for it and do not want to invest in snake proof boots. The gaiters are generally cheaper and are more comfortable when it comes to foot movement, though the protection they offer is lower than the actual snake proof boots. But with the change of the season in spring, you will need these as many snakes will be coming out of their hibernation phase and will be moving about the forest floor.