Is It Necessary to Buy Cat Clothing?

If you are a pet lover, then you may have already seen the trend of pet clothing. Whether you are a cat owner or a dog owner, the first thing you want to do when you bring a pet home is to make sure it looks charming, cute, and cuddly. This is where pet clothing really helps.

You can visit any pet store in your area or just browse the internet for some time and you will find tons of options when it comes to clothing for your pets. You can buy towel wraps, fleece wrap, sweaters, and more. The options are simply unlimited. But one question that might come in your mind, is your pet really in need of these clothes? The answer could vary depending on whom you ask the question. For example, if you ask the pet shop owner, the answer would be a resounding YES! And he will encourage you to check out the collection, but what if you ask your veterinarian? In most cases, the answer would be a NO!

They have several reasons to back that answer. Cat clothes could raise the body temperature of the cat more than normal, which can result in all sorts of problems including unnecessary itching, temper issues and, dehydration to name a few. As we know nature is the best when it comes to humans and animals. The way your feline friend has been equipped to handle excessive highs and lows in temperature is with the natural coat they are born with. There are certain clothing like sweaters, which can cause the cat to get into accidents such as getting tangled in tree branches, having the sweater stuck while jumping from one position to another.

An important aspect of putting clothing on cats is that it hinders their ability to move around freely. So the ideal situation is, not to consider clothing and instead invest in other stuff that your pet can enjoy for a longer time.

The Importance of Dog Cooling Pads

We all love our furry friends, and when it comes to dogs, nobody can resist their charm. Not only are they loyal they also do everything they possibly can to make us feel happy. Just one look at your dog and your day can get better instantly. That is precisely why most people who have dogs as pets go an extra mile to do everything they can for their dogs.

If your dog loves to go for walks even in the scorching heat then you must have a hard time saying no to your favorite pet. It is, however, very important that you take care of your dog in order to prevent hyperthermia. There are some signs that you have to look for in order to avoid it.

The basic thing to do is use a cooling pad for your dog in order to cool it down. Dogs are not capable of sweating that is why they usually pant to stabilize their temperature naturally, however, that alone is not enough to maintain a normal temperature. This is why it is important to use akc cooling mat or cooling pads for your dogs. They are used to cool down the overall temperature of your dog so that they can stay protected from the heat even when they are outside.

The most common symptoms of hypothermia are rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, your dog drooling and panting more than usual, acting confused, seizures, etc. If you see any of these signs then there is no need for panic, just try to keep your dog indoors as much as possible and when you do take it outside make sure to use cooling pads or keep your dog under a shade at all times.