Here’s Why Razor Dirt Bike is Just Perfect For Your Kid

For all the newly-turned teens out there, summers requires a whole new way of having fun. From having fun on the beach to riding bikes on the street, this age group will demand things like never before. To help you find just the right way of summer fun, here’s why every teen should own a Razor MX 400 Dirt Rocket.

An Exhilarating Experience For Age 13 And Above

Razor MX 400 is an ideal ride to level up their summer fun and have an adventurous ride. Featuring a speed of maximum 14 miles per hour and with the capability to withstand weight upto 140 pounds, this dirt rocket is pocket full of fun for the kids. The razor dirt bike MX 400 is battery operated and with its large tires ensures a smooth, bump-free ride.

All The Safety Precautions Ticked

Since road safety is the most important aspect of them all, Razor dirt bikes are one of the few street legal dirt bikes that possess all the necessary and required features needed to ensure a safe, exhilarating ride. These features include;

Headlights and Brake Lights: A DOT approved headlight with suitable adjustment between low and high beams, tail light in addition to a brake light that is operated via the mounted battery is also an essential component for a street legal dirt bike.

Gearing: This is not a legal requirement, but nonetheless, efficient gearing function is important for smooth performance. Since off-road bikes run a lower speed than usual motorcycles, a change in gearing is important to ensure proper working.

Wheels: DOT approved wheels and tires are a legal requirement for a off-road bike irregardless of the manufacturer and place where the bikes are manufactured.

Rearview mirror: From a minimum of one rearview mirror to even two in some states, dirt-bikes specific rearview mirror is also a requirement for street-legal off road bikes.

Horn, Indicators and Speedometer: A horn whether electric or squeeze-type of appropriate loudness, indicators to indicate any turn and a speedometer are some of the compulsions made by some of the states and not by others.

Joshua Tree National Park

Covering almost 800,000 acres of the Southern California Desert, supporting two different desert ecosystems, The Joshua Tree National Park was given its name by a groups of Mormons in the 19th century after the Joshua Tree which thrives in the area and have a very uniquely interesting structure.

The Park itself comprises of two deserts characterized by their elevation, the Colorado desert being 3000 ft below sea level and the Mojave Desert which is elevated. This results in both the deserts having two distance eco systems as the Mojave Desert is cooler in nature than the Colorado Desert and has different flora and fauna.

Because the desert is hot, its inhabitants do not come out during the day, they prefer the cooler mornings and nights for their activities. Animals such as the Coyotes, Jackrabbits and shy Kangaroo rats come out during the evening to feed. The area is also inhabited by bob cats which may be hard to spot but certainly are amongst the inhabitants of the park.

In order to get to the park, you could travel by air or take a train to Palm Springs, which is the closest city to the park. Or you could choose to dive there by taking the Interstate 10 and Hwy 62, 140 miles east of Los Angeles.

In order to enter the park, you first need to buy a pass which can cost from $15 to $30, depending upon your mode of transportation. You could also get a $55 pass which will be valid for up to 12 months if you wish to frequently visit the area. There are other passes that can be obtained which would allow you to enter the park, but these would be the most relevant for Joshua National Park particularly.

It is advisable that you gather food, water and other provisions from outside the park. This is due to the fact that there are no spots within the park where you can acquire or purchase things other than water and beverages which are provided at the Oasis Visitor center. Anything other than must be purchased from the towns surrounding the park.

It is also wise to know beforehand that the national park itself does not have any hotels for the tourists to stay in. if you plan on staying, the nearest accommodations are along the highway 62 or the nearby towns. The park however does have a number of different camping grounds where you could set camp for the night or the duration of your stay.

The park also has a few different hiking trails for you to hike on. You can also bike along these trials if you prefer.

Other activities that you could do in the park include, rock climbing. Photography, wildflower viewing. The park association conducts classes such as painting, photography, wild life and geology which you can take if you are looking for a more guided approach to exploring the area.

The most important thing to remember is to remain safe while in the park. The most imminent threat is the weather as the desert is bound to have harsh conditions. Remember to always wear a sunscreen during the day and to keep water on you at all times. Other threats include snakes which can be easily avoided by not engaging with one if you come across it and abandoned mines which can be fragile structures and must not be entered at any cost. Other than that, the park is a good location for tourists and adventurers to visit.