Do Niyama Sol Leggings Run Big or Small?

In order for the heavily globalized fashion industry of today to continue to exist at this current point in time, they need to create a range of standard sizes because customizing sizes according to the preferences of each of the billions of individuals that are alive on this planet can be incredibly time consuming to say the least. However, since there are multiple different brands many of which try to create their own sizing charts in order to avoid making life easier for their competitors, this can sometimes create a circumstance in which a medium sized offering from one brand would be ever so slightly bigger or smaller than a similarly labeled size from another brand.

Some brands run a bit bigger whereas others run somewhat smaller, so before you buy Niyama Sol leggings you would do well to ascertain which end of the spectrum this brand’s sizing guidelines tend to fall on. The great thing about this brand is that its leggings are almost always true to size without a shadow of a doubt. That means that you can make the most of things by allowing yourself to just buy whatever size you feel is best for you because they do not try to mess with the standards that have been set by the industry in the interest of promoting their own brand.

If you feel like you are between two sizes, you might want to size down because the fabric will slowly stretch after you have worn it for a long enough period of time. Looser leggings will look really bad, and they can sometimes make your outfit truly terrible regardless of how nice it actually is.