Do You Really Want a Screen House

Screen house/ tent is a unique type of tent which has its walls made out of mesh (since the name screen), the roof however, is solid to block out any water from entering inside of the tent. Some models also have a floor to make a completely sealed atmosphere for the people inside.

Screen tents/ houses have a lot of uses and benefits over the regular tents, for example, they can protect you and your belongings from sunlight and rain water while you’re out in the wild. One of the biggest benefits of staying in a screen house is that it saves you from mosquitos, other insects and animals like snakes while still letting the air pass through it.

Why You Should Buy One

While investing in a screen house isn’t necessary for every camper, it can still provide various benefits if used correctly and under the right conditions. You can check these screen houses to select the right one which’ll satisfy your needs.

Enjoy in The Rain

One clear benefit of these screen houses is that they can be really big (no wonder why they’re called houses), allowing all of your family members to play around safely in the event of a rain. So, instead of standing under a tree or heading to your sleeping camp right away, you and all the other people can enjoy in the screen house while it’s raining heavily outside.

Protection From The Sun

A screen house is specifically made to shade you from the sun on a hot day. The mesh walls allow the air to pass through pretty easily while the roof is sheltering you from the sun. So, you’ll be able to breathe and enjoy a relatively cooler atmosphere inside the screen house as compared to the outside on a sunny day.