Here’s What Could Happen If You Die Without Estate Planning

If you’re on this page, then you might be in a stage of your life where you’re face to face with your own mortality. This is usually when people start worrying about what will happen to their property and their loved ones after they’re no longer around. Even if you’re still young and healthy, you might still find yourself staring into the bleak eyes of mortality because of something that happened recently that got you thinking. In either case, now is the best time for you to take action and draft an estate plan.

An estate plan is a specific kind of a will; it’s a legal document detailing your wishes regarding your property and who you want to pass it on to. You may want to pass your property to a specific family member after your demise. Maybe you want your property to be sold and the proceeds to be distributed equally or according to specific percentages. If you die without estate planning, then it’s up to the courts to decide what happens to your property and who gets what. The only thing preventing them to do so following your demise is your will.

It’s in yours and your family’s best interests that you speak with an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will make sure that you understand the law when it comes to transferring your property to your next of kin. The estate plan that you’ll draft with a lawyer will be indisputable by courts and your decision will be absolute, even after you pass. This will make the entire process a lot easier for your bereaved family and you can rest assured that your family has your property as a resource.