How Much is House Rent in Dubai Per Month?

Since there are lots of people willing to live in Dubai, there are lots of residential projects going on, and you can easily buy or rent a house to live in. However, both of these options can be quite expensive. Although the rent in Dubai has decreased significantly in recent years, it is still out of the reach of many people. Depending on the job you have, you can expect to spend as much as half of your salary on rent alone. You can also get a place to live by the company employing you, but this luxury is not available to everyone either.

If you are looking to rent a house in Dubai, keep in mind that this city is the most expensive in the whole UAE. Abu Dhabi and other small cities will cost you less.

Types of Houses Available

There are lots of different types of living spaces available in Dubai. Depending on your budget, you can rent a luxury villa, an apartment, or some other place to live in. Usually, you will have to enter at least one year contract when renting any living place in Dubai. If you break the contract, you might have to pay lots of money to the owner as fine.

While you can get a villa to live in by going to places like Jebel Ali Village Nakheel, most people prefer to rent houses and apartments as luxury lifestyle in Dubai is not in everyone’s reach. Depending on the size of house you rent in Dubai, you should expect to pay anywhere between 2500-10000 AED per month. Apartments and small living spaces can be rented for a much cheaper price. Moreover, you can share your living space with others to offset the cost of rent.