How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Lasik

The proportion of children who need to wear glasses is going up at this current point in time, and that is mostly due to the reason that screens have become such a central component of our lifestyles. Looking at bright screens all day will weaken your eyes without a shadow of a doubt, and only by wearing glasses can children be given the kind of eyesight that they need to stay focused on whatever it is that truly matters to them.

Some people might be tempted to take their kids to LaserCare Eye Center so that they can have Lasik surgery performed, but suffice it to say that children are usually not old enough to get this surgery done. The vast majority of doctors would recommend that you wait until you are at least eighteen years of age before opting for Lasik, and even at that age they might be hesitant to operate on you unless it is an emergency. The best age for Lasik patients is somewhere in their mid twenties, since their ocular prescription will have stabilized by that stage in their lifetimes.

When you reach the middle of your twenties, your eyes will be more or less precisely how they are going to remain for the rest of your life. That means that you can go for a Lasik procedure without a single care in the world. Getting it done too quickly increases the likelihood that you’d have to go for further sessions since your eyesight might deteriorate further in subsequent years. Waiting until you are in your mid twenties makes it so that the procedure can be quite permanent all in all.