How Synthetic Cannabinoids Can Affect You

These chemicals are made to mimic the effects of natural cannabinoids in your body. These chemicals were first made to test the addictiveness of drugs like marijuana who use the same chemical to make humans high.

Synthetic cannabinoids are used in drugs like K2 spice papers. These papers have a much stronger effect as compared to even natural marijuana.

Let’s discuss how synthetic cannabinoids in spice paper can affect your body. You can easily buy K2 spice paper online to test the effects.

Look And Feel of Synthetic Cannabinoids

When these chemicals are made in the laboratory, they are in the form or a solid or liquid. However, they are mixed with other plant extracts to make them solid. They are then made into the shape of Spice papers, which are easily available in shops around you. You can buy and smoke them to witness their effects on your body.

Keep in mind that most of the Spice packs might have “No for human consumption” written on them. This is done just to dodge legal problems.

There are lots of different brands offering Spice papers in the market, and most of them have completely different ingredients while having the same effect.

What It Feels Like?

As we just mentioned, the effects of synthetic cannabinoids are just like marijuana, they side effects and feeling of smoking them are the same. You’ll enjoy the same “High” feeling by consuming synthetic cannabinoids which you get by smoking natural weed.

However, remember that spice can have a much stronger effect on your opioid receptors as compared to marijuana.

Moreover, spice can exhibit negative effects on your body as well. For example, you might start to throw up, and feel a severe headache in rare cases. High doses of the drug can also be toxic for you.