How to Tell When You Need New Carpets

Every time you think about buying new carpets and throwing away the old ones, you might also think that it is only the dust and grime causing them to look old. There is nothing wrong in thinking this way because carpets are not exactly a cheap investment these days. Therefore, a wise homeowner always tries his best to get the most out of his old carpets before buying new ones when absolutely necessary.

Here are some signs which tell you that you need to invest in new carpets.

Your Carpet Cleaner Suggests It

If you have hired a carpet cleaning service and they have told you to replace your carpets instead of getting them cleaned, it is finally the time for you to invest in new ones. This is because although suggesting you buy new carpets is against their interests, an honest cleaner will always think about your advantage over their business.

In fact, every time you think about buying new carpets, you should call a local carpet cleaner and see what they have to say about the condition of your carpets after visiting your house. They might be able to remove these stains on your carpets which are causing you to believe that your old carpets are dead.

Uncontrollable Mold Growth

Uncontrollable mold growth is another factor which will ultimately lead you to buy new carpets. that is because, while small amounts of mold can be removed with the help of steam extraction, this method also works only up to a certain point.

So, if the mold growth seems to have become unstoppable even after a few cleaning sessions, it might actually be time to buy new carpets.

These were some signs you can use as an indication that you need new carpets in your house.