Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Devalue Your Claims

If you have been injured in a accident due to someone else’s fault, you might soon receive a call from the defendant’s insurance company. Keep in mind that they are always trying to minimize the payment they have to give you, and maximize the chances of getting your claim rejected.

While you might look to get a good enough compensation to cover your medical expenses, the insurance company will try the opposite thing since they are a for-profit business.

Insurance adjusters of these companies are trained to work in a way that will devalue your personal injury claim. Here are some of the most common tactics that insurance companies use to devalue your personal injury claims.

Calling You Right Away After The Accident

This tactic is used to catch you in a bad condition when you need help and do not actually know the total damage done to your body or property. They will try to offer you a deal before you even think of hiring a lawyer.

The adjustors working for insurance companies make you believe that you can trust them by calling you soon after the accident. Do not be tempted by their offer just yet.

Getting a Recorded Statement

The adjuster might ask you about your side of the story in a friendly manner. Since you have no idea about how recorded statements work, they trick you into saying something that they can later use as an evidence to devalue or deny your claim.

So, as soon as they ask you to give them a recorded statement, you should deny. Do not do this unless you talk to one of the personal injury attorneys in Miami and hire him to protect your rights. Do not let the insurance company exploit you.