The Tenant Life

You own a house? In this economy? Probably not, unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or had a rich relative who wrote you into their will, chances are, you are renting your living space. This may not seem like a viable or ideal living situation, because after all, you will always be at the mercy of the mighty land lord, but what can you do you are just an average joe with a regular nine to five with barely enough saving for a vacation to the next city over.

When you first rent a place, you are young and naïve, but soon you come to learn the way of the world. The first thing you learn is how it’s not the best idea to delay your rent, unless you want a very angry landlord pestering you every second of every day till you finally come up with the money you owe him.

The second thing you learn is, it’s best to live by the rules. This you could either learn the hard way, which is by getting evicted or the easy way, but getting a subtle warning.

Probably the worst of all is the cleaning you have to do when moving out. Fear not though, because for end of tenancy cleaning Stoke Newington has a variety of agencies ready to help you take the final step to finally getting rid of the place without completely pissing off the land lord one final time. This will assure you get your deposit back in full which you will need because moving out does not mean it’s all over, it means you are just going to have to start the process all over again.