Things You Should Never Put in a Storage When Moving

Once you decide to move to a new house, you’ll need to spare some time to sort things in order of priority. For example, you’ll have to separate stuff based on whether you’ll need it or not. You can, for example, hire a vehicle storage Edmonton unit and store your vehicle safely for a long time.

While you can put many important things in a storage unit by renting it, these businesses have their own rules. There are certain things that you aren’t supposed to store in a storage unit.

Here are some of the things you should never store in a storage unit when moving to a new house.

Food Items

Food items aren’t allowed in storage units. That is majorly due to the fact that food items can rot over time, and attract insects, thus leading to a huge insect infestation problem in the whole storage facility. Insects can literally destroy any type of furniture and other precious belongings of other people.

So, never try to store food items in a storage unit, because that will surely get you into trouble.

Guns or Other Ammunition

You should never store guns or other dangerous stuff in a storage unit when moving to a new house. Public storage facilities do not allow anyone to store any items than can corrode, explode or burn. The reason for this is that they can cause serious health and safety risks for the people living nearby, and the workers. These items can also cause serious damage to the storage facility as well.

There is also a big list of forbidden items that you can’t store in a storage unit. So, before storing anything, you should request them to show you a list of forbidden items that should be stored in their units. This will prove helpful for you, and will avoid any complications later on.