Tuning a Car Amplifier: Step By Step Guide

If you have just bought a car amplifier and installed it then you probably expect it to do wonders for you, but that is not going to happen. But do not worry, that is perfectly normal, all you have to do is a little bit of tuning and you are good to go.

If you do not know how to tune your car amplifier then that is fine as well all you need to do is listen to his explanation in this article it will act as your step by step guide and by the end of it you will know just what to do in order to tune your car amplifier.

The first thing that you need to do is make adjustments in volume and gain control. Turn the volume to maximum and then reduce the gain control till you do not hear any distortion in the sound. Do all of this without any music playing, this called the base setting of your amplifier.

The next step is to tune the individual frequencies of the sub-woofers that you will be using. For this step you need to ensure that all the frequencies are on the same level in order to avoid any distortions. Although if your speakers are midsized then you do not have to worry about this step at all, you can skip this and move on towards the next step.

The next step is also optional, but if you are all about the drum beats then you need to do this step. It is called ‘bringing the bass’. In this step you are basically increasing the boost of your bass, but o keep in mind that this is very tricky so you need to be extra careful.