What is a Stinging Insect?

Some insects have a stinger which they’ve developed to defend themselves whenever they feel threatened. Stinger insects include fire ants, bees and wasps. Stinging insects can both be useful or dangerous depending on their type. These insects can also find hiding places in your house, and infest your house to make a permanent colony.

Most of the stinging insects feed on flower nectar, or other sweet items which we usually spill in our houses. Some insects can also eat other insects or meat. In a nutshell, there are lots of different types of stinging insects, and you need to keep as far from them as possible.

How to Control Stinging Insects?

Here are some useful points to help you control and avoid the entry of stinging insects in your house.

  • When avoiding or killing stinging pests, make sure that you aren’t hurting a beneficial insect.
  • Whenever you see a nest or web, destroy it right away to stop further infestation.
  • Avoid any type of open water and food sources in your house. Use garbage bins with a lid, and avoid spillage from sitting on the floor for too long.
  • Fill any gaps in your house which might allow stinging insects to enter your house. Seal the windows and doors as well.
  • Never plants with flowers near the entrance point of your house.
  • Always use pesticides with precautions. Better hire a Stinging Insects Removal |  EZ BB Exterminator service provider for the task.
  • Kill any pests which can build nests in your property. Keep checking for them occasionally, and avoid their infestation.
  • Keep your feet secured with shoes or slippers when walking on grass, as most of the pests rest in there.

This is what stinging insects are, and how you can keep them away from your house.