Where Does Pete Rose Live?

The most important thing to do in the world of baseball is to score runs which can be done in several different kinds of ways. There is a pretty good chance that most of the runs that are scored in this game are not acquired by just knocking the ball out of the park. Instead, the people that play these games will probably try to go for strategic hits so that they can slowly run from base to base until they finally get to home base and complete their entire run.

Scoring an adequate amount of runs can be rather crucial for a baseball player, and there is no one that was better at that than Pete Rose. He had a batting average of .303 which means that he scored at least a third of a run in every match! That gave his team an amazing amount of leeway that they then used to put pressure on their opponents and ensure that said opponents were never able to get the better of them at all.

Knowing that this player was such a star during his prime might make you think that he lives in New York or some other famous city, but the truth of the situation is that he still lives in his hometown of Cincinnati which is located in the state of Ohio. This is the state that he played for when he was at the peak of his abilities, so it’s great that he stuck with them instead of moving on to the cities that other famous people tend to go to. The city of Cincinnati is likely really happy to have someone like Rose living there!