Why Many Companies Still Hesitate to Opt For Email Encryption?

Emails is perhaps one of the most sought means of communication; especially at business level. An email regarding a meeting or a transaction or even a tender, nearly every other task at a company is done by the means of email. However, it may be a surprising fact for many people that this extremely relied upon mode of communication is yet the least secure. There are many unauthorized third parties that are keen to intercept the emails and misuse them and one way to prevent them from doing so is to go for email encryption.

While email encryption may seem as a much feasible option for companies, there are still some out there that refrain from utilizing such service for a variety of reasons such as;


Email encryption may render many benefits but one of its major pros is the complexity of the process. For companies to opt for email encryption, a compatible software is required along with a security key of every single individual the company wants to contact with it and the same goes for the other party as well. While they may seem a reasonable process to contact close business partners. However, when it comes to communicating to others, a telephone call or a face-to-face meeting is more preferred.


At personal level, there are various secure email services and people often find themselves in the decision between tutanota vs protonmail. However, when it comes to larger scale email privacy such as that for companies, the cost for such encryption services increase to many folds depending upon the number of users and hence the hesitation to utilize the service.


For many companies, the idea of email encryption is rather irrelevant because they think they have nothing to hide which is nothing but a myth. A company functioning with a number of users already has a vast amount of sensitive information of both the employees and technological secrets; all of which need to be secured from third party surveillance. Encryption to such companies is a chance to protect themselves from cyber crimes and other misuse of the information.