Why Metal is Becoming The New Business Card Material

Business cards have been a part of corporate practice, and generally, a way for adults to formally exchange contacts for centuries now. If you have a hard time believing this, then the practice has been found to date back to the 15th century, and it makes sense. It is important to market, and advertise our services.  You also want people to remember you so that they can continue being repeat customers or patrons. So, business cards have still retained their usefulness in the 21st century as well. However, one small shift that people are beginning to note is the switch from paper business cards to metal ones. If you want to consider making the switch as well, you can check out designs offered by Metal Business Kards for starters.

  • Metal business cards feel heavier and look more expensive than flimsy paper business cards. This automatically creates a positive impression and association with you. Since your card looks different from other business cards, it will mentally and physically stand out from the rest.
  • Metal is a more eco-friendly alternative than paper, and a lot of metal business cards are made from recycled metal, so that adds to the appeal.
  • You can get the text stamped or embossed into the metal. This way the text will not be disturbed or affected by liquid spills or any damage and will continue retaining its readability. So, people are less likely to throw your business card away since it is durable enough to withstand a lot of damage, especially water damage which is something standard paper business cards easily get ruined by.
  • They look sleek, and they give off a very clean look that makes them aesthetically appealing and worth the extra money that goes into making them.